Welcome to Xanto P. Jones!

Hello! This is Xanto and I want to welcome you to my blog. Well, not exactly a blog, but a hub for my past works! Hopefully, there will be links that will take you to my previous projects and future projects! I’m hoping that you will like what I’ve shared and will tell your children and your grandchildren about it! But seriously, don’t do that. I can’t promise that everything in here is family friendly. Meanwhile in Space…, maybe. Supernaturally Yours, possible. Cherry Vanilla, definitely not! My new project that I am titling “Disco Lemonade” will not be family friendly either. Anyway, feel free to browse around and read what you like!

Meanwhile in Space…┬áis a space opera in the style of Flash Gordon. It’s a story about two courageous SPACE Rangers named Captain Sundance Starmont and Lieutenant Septimus “Timmy” Falken and their friend Astralyn Winner traveling through the stars having wonderful space adventures! Each episode is around 1,000-2,000 words.

Supernaturally Yours is a tale of a vampire who befriends a guy who turns into a squirrel every Tuesday, a were-squirrel. It sounds more interesting than it really is, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Cherry Vanilla is a tale of obsession and zombies. Solomon Reed must brave the Zombie Apocalypse to find his one true love- a tub of Blue Bunny’s sugar free Cherry Vanilla ice cream.

Spell is an experimental story about a young wizard apprentice who is going on his first quest. He meets some mysterious characters who ask him to join them to find the Alta Stone. Not knowing what he’s getting into, he accepts!

Tequila Brunch is a collection of short stories I’ve written detailing the strange goings on in my hometown.

Thank you for reading!

Xanto P. Jones