WeSeWriMo Check In

Well, I didn’t set a high goal for myself this month. I figured that I would be lucky enough to get six episodes of Spell done this month. As of an hour ago, I have just completed the sixth episode of the month. I’ve been writing fearlessly since August 8th. I was stuck for a couple of days, but I found just sitting down and writing something until it makes sense has really helped me out. It feels like the beginning of every episode is like back at Square One. Each episode is an experience of starting over from scratch. This is the first project where I’ve felt that way. It takes a lot out of me to write an episode. It takes 3-4 hours to write an episode if I do it all in one session. The will to write two episodes a day is there, but the brain is spongy and weak. I might give myself a break before writing Episode #26.

26 episodes! I know! I didn’t think it would have gone on this long! I know that I have to start answering some questions that I’ve been putting off, mostly because I don’t know the answers to them. I’m making it all up as I go. It’ll be time to really have a brainstorming session.

Well, that’s my check in. Remember that new episodes of Spell will start tomorrow. Look for it!



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