In Between Projects

I finished the outline for Zombie Hospital of the Damned, Part 3 on Saturday night after I had been battling it all month. It started out as fun, but for some reason, it turned into a beast of a feat. I felt that it was complete crap (let’s be honest, it’s B-Horror, it’s gonna be crap.) and I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to delete everything and start again. So, that’s what I did. I started a second file and started over. The second draft feels a lot better. I tried to make the story last for 12 chapters, but the story just didn’t lend itself to 12 chapters. I managed to make it 10 chapters. That’s enough, right?

One thing I’m trying to do with this series of novellas is bring LGBTQ characters to the front. Both stories are centered around gay characters as the main characters. The villain in Zombie Hospital is trans and it’s not going to be a big deal. There’ll be a mention of her transition from Aaron to Erin and then the story goes on. I’m hoping it will be well received.

I’m debating whether I should write three B-Horror novellas this November. If I do it right, Carnival from Mars and Zombie Hospital will be about 25,000 words each. Hitting 50,000 words has never been a problem for me. I’ve never striven for higher. This year, I think I want to raise the bar and see if I can make it to 75,000 words, but I haven’t decided yet. It depends on what is happening in my life at that moment. I’m contemplating thinking about starting another outline. If I do, I’ll give myself some breathing room and take my time with it. I felt obligated to finish Zombie Hospital’s outline as soon as possible… but it’s only the middle of September. There’s still time! I just wanted to be ready this year. In previous years, I’ve found myself only thinking about what to write on October 15th or later, so I’m scrambling to throw something pitiful together in the last throes of the month. Not. This. Year. My body is ready.

Each year, the wrimos in my region expect me to do something brilliant. One year I started Nano on November 16th and hit 50k in 11 days. Last year, I tried to write 25k in three days. I don’t think I’ll pull off any hat tricks this year. Though, I am inspired by a woman in the Facebook Nanowrimo page who likes to make a show of how she writes 50k in one day. I wish I had her dedication and her free time. I might try to finish a novella in a weekend, but I’m down to enjoy the writing experience.

Well, that’s all I’ll babble about tonight. Good luck and happy writing!



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