Nanowrimo 2015 Is Complete!

Well, I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I did it! I finished the third novella in the Grave Robbers series! I am absolutely chuffed! It came in at 35k bringing my Nano total to 96k! I didn’t expect to write that much! People are pushing me to push on to 100k just to make it a round number. I’m ready to be done writing!

I started to lose faith in Undead Army towards the end. I didn’t like the ending I planned and wanted to scrap the whole thing. I had already met and surpassed the 50k mark and my personal goal of 75k; I could quit writing if I wanted to. Something reminded me that I had committed to writing three novellas and gosh darn it it was going to happen. So I finished it. I reminded myself that it was only a first draft and I could rewrite it if I so wished.

I have grandiose plans to self publish these stories on Amazon. I’m really proud of Monster Night at the Carnival from Mars. I think it is the strongest story I wrote this month. While I wrote it I thought that I didn’t have enough planned, but it turned out to be the perfect amount. I hit 25k with no problem. Zombie Hospital came out to be 35k because I had a lot of plot planned into several chapters. I literally had too much stuff planned. The same with Undead Army.

I am semi looking forward to going back and editing these stories. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m ready for it. I believe in myself and I believe in the stories.

In addition to editing, I’m also going to start working on Season 2 of Spell as soon as I get an idea of where I’m going with it. I will start posting the 6 remaining new episodes of Spell on Monday night. Thank you for being so patient!

That’s all I got! Thank you!



Writing Progress!

I’ve been doing a terrible job with keeping up with this blog. I’ve been meaning to post my progress throughout the month so that I could chart my way to 50k! Well, the writing has been great. I busted out the door with 5k on Day 1. I kept that pace going for 10 days and I hit 50k words late last night! While I’m excited, my true goal is 75k. That makes me what is called an OverAchiever in Nanowrimo culture. I’ve never been an OA before. I usually stop after I hit 50k, but this year, I plan on going further.

The first story I wrote was “Monster Night at the Carnival From Mars”. I did pretty well with that story. I felt that there wasn’t enough material to stretch into 25,000 words. The outline was a little skimpy, but I made it work within the 25k cap! I had a lot of fun writing it. I was sad when I had to kill my favorite character, but it was worth it. I think the ending I wrote for it was my favorite scene. My second favorite scene was when my favorite character asked the girl he brought to the carnival for a second blowjob, but then settled for a cigarette.

Right now I’m in the process of writing “Zombie Hospital of the Damned, Part III”. Remember when I said that I felt Carnival from Mars’s outline was skimpy? I must have remembered that when I wrote the outline for Zombie Hospital. There is so much detail in this outline that I’m finding it hard to contain the story to 25k. In fact, I’m 25k into the story and I’m barely starting Chapter 7 out of 10. I don’t know how long it’s going to be. A new friend told me that I might be looking at a 100k month. I’m not sure I want that, but why not? I still have Undead Army of the Black Cauldron to write. The outline for that might be the right amount of detail, if not a little less coherent.

Day 11 begins now and I’m trying to wrap my brain around writing anything right now. I wasted an hour on Facebook before starting this blog post. Here’s hoping I hop to it soon! I’ve only been out of bed for an hour and a half and I already want to take a nap! 😛

Happy writing!