The First Six Days!

Here I am at Day 6 of Camp Nanowrimo and I must say that I’m doing better than expected. I love writing Sinister Tentacle Sorority! It’s been a blast! One of my main concerns are that the rising action doesn’t happen until the end of Chapter 3. The first two chapters is world building and character building, which I guess is okay, but it feels to me to be a slice of life of the sorority girls. It could be argued that this is necessary to see what their life is like before hell tears it all apart.

The second main concern is that my chapters are too long. I’m averaging 4-5k per chapter. I feel it’s too much, but there’s essential stuff that happens in those chapters. I’m going to have a hard time editing this.

At the end of Day 6 I have 23,301 words! I had a great opening weekend. I took Friday off from work and devoted most of the day to writing, that is when I wasn’t napping! I took more naps on Saturday and Sunday. They were glorious!

My first word count goal was 25k. As I approached 15k, I realized that 25k wasn’t going to cut it, so I upped it to 35k. Now that I’m nearing 25k, I don’t think 35k is going to do it either. This novella might be around 40-45k, making it the longest Plan X novella yet!

Well, here’s hoping for more good writing days!

Thanks for reading!



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