Day 9 & 10 Progress

This weekend has been really rough on the words front. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on STS because I had a date, met a friend for a coffee date, had to get my measurements done for my new diet, go grocery shopping for food for said diet, ate lunch/dinner and then took a nap. I wrote a thousand words a day. It was pretty pitiful. The words are dren, but they’re words. I even highlighted a section of words that are to be destroyed with extreme prejudice when it comes to edit.

The good news is that I finished Chapter 8! It was the hardest chapter to write. I couldn’t focus on it this weekend. I couldn’t concentrate! Chapter 9 will be the last chapter! I’m at 31,848 words, just over 3k away from hitting my 35k word goal! I wasn’t expecting to be almost done by now. Why must I always be an overachiever? It’s in my blood I guess, that and cholesterol!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of the end for Sinister Tentacle Sorority! Wish me luck!



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