Camp So Far…

I’ve been meaning to update this, but I keep forgetting! Well, when last I wrote, I talked about my Dr. Lime plans. It originally started off as three paranormal investigators solving cases, but I wanted to do more with Dr. Lime, so I changed it. But after I wrote a few pages of it, I realized that I needed to change it back to the paranormal investigators. It just made more sense to me. I involved Dr. Lime in the first episode of it. He could become a recurring character in future episodes if I chose to go further with it.

So far I’ve titled the project ParaNormal Activity Unit. Its initials spell PNAU, which is one of my favorite indie electronica bands. It makes me happy. The title could totally change, but it’s good for now.

I set my goal for 10k this Camp because I wasn’t feeling very inspired to write this month. I wasn’t sure how this project would go and I didn’t think I had very much to go on. I wanted to set a manageable goal that didn’t stress me out and made me feel accomplished when I hit it. So I finished PNAU #1 with 10,300 words! I had to add a scene from the second one to get it to goal. I haven’t verified yet for some reason. I should probably do that soon!

Hey, if you want to know about my struggles about writing as I’m writing, you can follow me on Twitter. I am @XantoJones!

Thanks for reading!



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