Nanowrimo Plotting Season!

Hello. It’s me! Guess what time it is! It’s Nanowrimo Plotting season! I have not wasted a single moment (yes I have…) in preparing for Nano. I refuse to have nothing to write come November! I’m going to spend the next three months plotting my novellas! I’m going to be ready, baby!

I’ve started plotting on my fifth novella (the fourth one that will see the light of day hopefully.) titled “Sundown at the Castle of the Evil Dead”. I started plotting it in May, but as I worked on ideas for it, I felt the steam quickly leave the project. I tabled it for a few months, but I recently picked it back up! I must say that it’s coming along quite well! I’ve plotted the first two chapters. I fear that they might suffer the same fate that fell on “Sinister Tentacle Sorority’s” first two chapters. I left a friend read it and he said that the first two chapters were really slow. Do I just pray that people keep reading past that point and just keep everything anyway? I don’t know…

So yes, I’m letting people read Sinister Tentacle Sorority! So if you’re interested in receiving a copy, drop me a line at and I’ll send you a copy and a questionnaire to fill out to give me feedback. I don’t know if anyone reads this anymore because I post so infrequently, a habit I keep falling into. I’ll try to keep updating this as the plotting season progresses.


Okay, it’s time for bed. Got to slog through nine more hours of work before I can come home and plot some more. Goodnight!



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