A New Spell is Written!

I’m trying to find something to do while I’m waiting for Nanowrimo to begin.I have all of my novellas plotted and I don’t have any other pending writing projects. I’m itching to work on something! I hit a block on “Rise of the High School Creep” because I feel like it’s been done before. To make things worse, I have two weeks off work and I’m bored to death. I can’t watch TV because I can’t change the channels with or without the universal remote I bought. So the only things I’ve been doing are playing on Facebook for like 30 minutes and then going back to bed for an hour, lather, rinse, repeat. I started looking for other abandoned ideas. Spell popped up. I hadn’t written it in about a year and a half. I got stuck and I couldn’t think of what was going to happen next. I sat down for most of the day and worked on Spell #28. At first I only rewrote what I had there already and ended it because nothing was happening. A friend suggested that I continue writing it until something happened. I did this and still nothing happened, but it was good to revisit the characters again. So Episode 28 is done. I have a vague idea what’s going to happen next. Hopefully this will keep me entertained until the first comes around.

Thanks for reading!


You can read Spell from the beginning at spellx.wordpress.com!


The Done and the Restless

I’m trying to find something to do now that my outlines are done. Last night I went to a plotting write-in and I came up with an idea for a short story that I’m going to write soon. It’s for the Tequila Brunch collection. I have a reading next month and I want to have some new material to read in addition to some old stuff. I’m reticent to write it right now because I want to have something to write later, but that makes no sense because I need something to write now!

I opened the Buccaneers of Aqualand document last night and tried to wrap my mind around that, but I was drawing a blank. I also opened The Rise of the High Creep to see if I could get some inspiration, but I just stared at it. Maybe I’m burnt out. I’ve been plotting since August. Three intense months of plotting is bound to have an adverse effect on me. I guess this is my brain’s way of telling me to take a break. But I don’t have anything else to do. 😦

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Janitorpunk Outline Done

I’ve done it! I finished the Janitorpunk outline today at work! I was close to done with it last night and I would have preferred to have finished it then, but my writer friend and I had to go home and I really needed to pee. (Why didn’t I just pee at the coffee shop we were at? That’s another story for another blog!)

I’m working on finding a title. I’ve shopped around for advice on the Nanowrimo forums, but based on the synopsis I gave people, they haven’t really found a title that fits. As I was laying down after work, I was thinking of some possible titles. One that I thought of that I really liked was “Time and a Half”. It mentions time, but it doesn’t reference any janitorial stuff, though we all know what ‘time and a half’ means, so maybe that’s the working reference. It may be enough. I’m going to keep an hear out for any other titles that strike my fancy.

I see people offering to do novel covers and I want to submit a request, but it’s hard when you don’t have a title. 😦 Sad panda is sad.

Time and a Half…