Janitorpunk Outline Done

I’ve done it! I finished the Janitorpunk outline today at work! I was close to done with it last night and I would have preferred to have finished it then, but my writer friend and I had to go home and I really needed to pee. (Why didn’t I just pee at the coffee shop we were at? That’s another story for another blog!)

I’m working on finding a title. I’ve shopped around for advice on the Nanowrimo forums, but based on the synopsis I gave people, they haven’t really found a title that fits. As I was laying down after work, I was thinking of some possible titles. One that I thought of that I really liked was “Time and a Half”. It mentions time, but it doesn’t reference any janitorial stuff, though we all know what ‘time and a half’ means, so maybe that’s the working reference. It may be enough. I’m going to keep an hear out for any other titles that strike my fancy.

I see people offering to do novel covers and I want to submit a request, but it’s hard when you don’t have a title. 😦 Sad panda is sad.

Time and a Half…


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