A New Spell is Written!

I’m trying to find something to do while I’m waiting for Nanowrimo to begin.I have all of my novellas plotted and I don’t have any other pending writing projects. I’m itching to work on something! I hit a block on “Rise of the High School Creep” because I feel like it’s been done before. To make things worse, I have two weeks off work and I’m bored to death. I can’t watch TV because I can’t change the channels with or without the universal remote I bought. So the only things I’ve been doing are playing on Facebook for like 30 minutes and then going back to bed for an hour, lather, rinse, repeat. I started looking for other abandoned ideas. Spell popped up. I hadn’t written it in about a year and a half. I got stuck and I couldn’t think of what was going to happen next. I sat down for most of the day and worked on Spell #28. At first I only rewrote what I had there already and ended it because nothing was happening. A friend suggested that I continue writing it until something happened. I did this and still nothing happened, but it was good to revisit the characters again. So Episode 28 is done. I have a vague idea what’s going to happen next. Hopefully this will keep me entertained until the first comes around.

Thanks for reading!


You can read Spell from the beginning at spellx.wordpress.com!


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