Nanowrimo Day 25

Today, I finished “Time and a Half”! I was at the last chapter today! I wrote 3k at a write-in and I JUST now finished the book! I’m super excited! That’s the good news. The bad news is that it fell 3k short of 50k. So now I get to work on one of the other novellas I prepared for this month! WHEE!

Words Written Today: 4,201
Total Words Written: 46,979



Nanowrimo Day 24

I rocked it today! My original goal was to write 5k before 2:00pm, Thanksgiving Dinner, but I got a text from my friend whose place I was going to for dinner, which said that dinner would be at 12:30. It was like 10:30-11:00 when this was sent, so I was like, DAMN DANIEL! WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! I only succeeded with 999 words written. I went to dinner and it was okay. I ate and played games, but then at 5:30, I came back home and started writing again at around 6:00. I still wanted 5k written today. My deadline was 8:00. While I didn’t get to 5k, I still wrote a lot. I’m on the last chapter of this story! I’m so excited! If all goes well, I’m going to write “The End” on Time and a Half tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Word Written Today: 3,288
Total Words Written: 42,778
Total Words Left: 7,222 (SO CLOSE!)


Nanowrimo Days 22 & 23

Day 22 didn’t yield too many words; just a little above the daily 1,667. I went to a write-in on the far northwest side of town and wrote for about an hour. I kept playing with Instagram to be really effective.

Words Written on Day 22: 1,851
Total Words Written: 38,539

Day 23: I only got to write at work during a quiet moment, so I didn’t get much done here either. The quiet time lasted 25 minutes and I managed to almost write 1k during that time, which would be my fastest speed ever! It usually takes me an hour to write 1k! Very proud of myself.

I went home to write some more, but decided that a nap would be better. I figured that I would nap for two hours and then get up. I went to bed at 6:00pm and got up at 11:00pm!!! Oops! So I didn’t bother writing any more that day.

Words Written on Day 23: 951
Total Words Written: 39,490

I’m on Day 24 right now and I want to write 5k before 2:00pm. It’s 10:35am right now! Wish me luck!


Nanowrimo Days 18-21

I should have been keeping up with the days. I didn’t remember any of these days. I don’t think I wrote at all on Day 18.

Words Written on Day 18: o (fucks given)
Total Words Written: 28,036

Words Written on Day 19: 2,570
Total Words Written: 30,606

Words Written on Day 20: 2,898
Total Words Written: 33,504

Words Written on Day 21: 3,164
Total Words Written: 36,668

The writing sessions are getting better. I’m feeling more confident about what I’m writing and not hating every word of it. I’m enjoying myself. I had a really successful write-in on Saturday morning and I’m still riding high on that! I have 13,312 words left before I hit 50k. I didn’t think this story would last this long, but here we are at 36k! I’m getting to the end of the story and I’m very excited! This could be the one!


Nanowrimo Day 17

I didn’t do too much yesterday. I went to a write-in at a place that sells boba tea and three people showed up! I was so happy! One even bought me a tea! It was ML Appreciation Day yesterday! WHEE!

I started Chapter 10 where The Janitor and Dr. Hu are 30 years in the future fighting each other during a meteor shower. I know, another fight scene. I think I’m handling it a little better than the mutant fight scene. I’m feeling better as opposed to last week, so I might be able to make this work.

Words Written: 607

Total Words Written: 28,036


Nanowrimo Day 16

I had a great writing session tonight. I went to a library and met with another Word Warrior and wrote for an hour and a half. I finished writing Chapter 9 (which is really Chapter 8 on my outline, but I split Chapter 6 in two.), which I’m going to split in two as well. I plotted way too much action in this chapters. It’s better than not enough, which is something that I’ve suffered with before. I’m still trying to find the right length for chapters. I usually do it until the action is done, but I’m learning that I’m overstuffing them with action. But like I said, better than not enough! 🙂 Tonight’s session was very productive! I’m going to a write-in tomorrow where there’s boba tea! I’m pretty excited about it! I hope to get a lot of words done!

Words Written Today: 2,403!!!

Total Words Written: 27,429



Nanowrimo Day 14 & 15

Day 14: To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember. What was that, Monday? I may have tried to write a little at work, but I was probably unsuccessful. There weren’t any write-ins so I didn’t go out. I don’t remember what happened. According to my stats on the Nanowrimo site, I did a good amount of writing, a session that was more than 700-800 words! I wish I could remember how I felt and what I was writing.

Word Written on Day 14: 1,003

Total Words Written:  23,042

Day 15: Yesterday! I went to a coffee shop when I got off work and messed around on Instagram for a bit before getting down to writing. I wrote a couple paragraphs before I decided that I wanted to go to a write-in on the far northwest side of town. It took me 35 minutes to get there due to rush hour traffic, but I made it. There were five people there and I was happy about it. It was at an IHOP so I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I wrote part of Chapter 8 where Linden and The Janitor had to fight off mechanical spiders from the future! I really enjoyed it. The words just came to me. I got into a groove and the words just flowed out of me! It was the easiest it had been in a week. I was grateful. I started Chapter 9 and got to a good stopping place. The IHOP was cold, so most of us left. A really good day for writing! I made it to 25k, which was the word goal for the day! I was proud of myself for making it this far! I was sure that I was going to feel like giving up, but the spirit is renewed!

Words Written on Day 15: 1,984

Total Words Written: 25,026


Nanowrimo Days 12 & 13

Day 12: I went to a write-in that was only attended by myself. I did a little bit of writing, but I mostly played on Instagram and texted a friend during the hour and a half I waited. I think it was here that I finally finished the mutants! I felt glad about it and then gave up for the day. I did pick it up again during my radio show, but I only typed a few paragraphs because I was busy doing radio things. It was the most words I had written in a long time. I just haven’t felt really excited about writing lately.

Words Written Day 12: 1,303

Total Words Written: 21,338

Day 13: I didn’t have a lot of time dedicated to writing yesterday. I’ve been taking every opportunity to live life outside of writing. I went to have sushi with a friend, then went to a meeting, went home and took a nap. I woke up in the early evening and tried to get in the headspace to do the writing thing. I was done writing about the mutants so I thought there would be no problem. As I started writing, I just didn’t care to do it for much longer. I don’t know if I’m beginning my downward spiral into depression or what. This month has really been a hard challenge for me. I remember saying that 50k isn’t really much of a challenge, but this year is proving to be the exact opposite. I just can’t get in the groove as easily as I used to. I keep comparing my previous achievements to where I am now and I’m unhappy with it. At the same time, I’m happy to be experiencing some of the same troubles that others are going through right now. I’ve always shot through Nano in two weeks, but I’m really taking my time this year and not pushing myself to produce as much. I’m trying to stay on par with everyone else so that I can have my victory around the same time as theirs. It’s nice to not be an overachiever for once.

Words Written Day 13: 701

Total Words Written: 22,039


Nanowrimo Days 10 & 11

Day 10: I didn’t write a single word and I felt great about it. I was still in the midst of writing about the mutants and I just didn’t feel like having to slog through it that night. I went and hung out with friends instead. There was supposed to be a write-in, but no one showed up, so I left. I’ve felt less enthused about writing lately.

Words Written Day 10: 0

Total Words Written: 19,236

Day 11: I didn’t do too much. I had to face the fact that I had to write about the mutants at least one more time. It was Friday night and I think I either finished the chapter or got close to finishing, then got bored and played on Instagram for the rest of the night. I was at a write-in with two other people and I was a little sad that it did not get the same number of people that night as I did last week. I was pretty much over the whole experience. I think the election had a lot to do with my feelings of ennui and nihilism. It must have affected the others as well.

Words Written Day 11: 799

Total Words Written: 20,035


Nanowrimo Day 9

I’m prolonging the torture. I wrote a little bit tonight and I’m still writing about the goddamn mutants. I couldn’t work on it anymore. I know that if I don’t just get through it, I’ll be writing about them for the rest of the month. Someone in a Facebook group warned me that if I don’t feel like writing it, the reader won’t feel like reading it. This is definitely true. I’m worried about this happening. I will have to re-work these chapters when it comes to editing… I’m dreading that part.

Words Written Today: 813

Total Words Written: 19,236