Nanowrimo Day 1

Well, I completed Day 1 of Nano! I didn’t spend too much time on my novel that I could have. I’m trying something new this year. I’m pacing myself. I usually succumb to the pressure of trying to get as many words as I can on Day 1, but today I took it slow. I started at midnight and wrote 650 words in “Time and a Half”, and then started again in the morning. I took a couple of naps (I’m off work this week!), got some dinner, watched some Adventure Time, and then got back to work and I finished Chapter 1! The main problem I’m having is not using The Janitor’s name. I know what it is, but it’s not revealed until the end. So everything is “The Janitor did this and The Janitor did that.” I hope it doesn’t get too old!

That’s all the writing I’m doing tonight! Hopefully I’ll update tomorrow!

Total Words Written: 2,483

Thanks for reading!



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