Nanowrimo Day 2

I’ve been spoiled with the luxury of time! I didn’t spend too much time writing today, or if I did, I spent a lot of it procrastinating. I played on Twitter and Facebook for most of my online time. There’s a group on Facebook that I’m a part of and the participants there are always updating, so I’m always looking at it. This is why I need to get out of the house while I write. I also took a three hour nap today before I even got started with the writing. I’m hoping to hang out with a friend tomorrow to get me out of the house!

I’m really happy with my pacing right now. Right now I have two chapters finished. They’re just two long scenes. I’m a little worried that the story might be happening too fast. I want this story to be close to 50k as possible, 40k at the very least. I didn’t plot too much for the first two chapters, Chapter 3 is when the chapters get longer. It’s when I introduce the female main character Dr. Constance Fontana and the timey-wimey stuff. Chapter 2 saw the introduction of the evil janitor, Dr. Brian Hu and the Janitor’s love interest Dr. Linden Sharp. One thing that I didn’t really plot out are the relationships between the characters. It’s something I’m going to have to cultivate while I’m writing. I have to really sell the idea of The Janitor and Linden getting together at the end. I hope I can pull it off seeing how very little romance actually happens in my life. (That’s another sob story.)

More writing tomorrow!

Words Written Today: 1,829

Word Count Total: 4,312

Thanks for reading!



One comment

  1. Dolores Fawn · November 3, 2016

    he’s a Ph.D. and he’s working as a janitor? Now there’s a villain origin story if I’ve ever heard one!


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