Nanowrimo Days 10 & 11

Day 10: I didn’t write a single word and I felt great about it. I was still in the midst of writing about the mutants and I just didn’t feel like having to slog through it that night. I went and hung out with friends instead. There was supposed to be a write-in, but no one showed up, so I left. I’ve felt less enthused about writing lately.

Words Written Day 10: 0

Total Words Written: 19,236

Day 11: I didn’t do too much. I had to face the fact that I had to write about the mutants at least one more time. It was Friday night and I think I either finished the chapter or got close to finishing, then got bored and played on Instagram for the rest of the night. I was at a write-in with two other people and I was a little sad that it did not get the same number of people that night as I did last week. I was pretty much over the whole experience. I think the election had a lot to do with my feelings of ennui and nihilism. It must have affected the others as well.

Words Written Day 11: 799

Total Words Written: 20,035



One comment

  1. Dolores Fawn · November 14, 2016

    A lot of people are feeling down and depressed over the elections. I’ve found it helpful to look to inspirational figures, both historical and contemporary, for inspiration in getting through this. I’ve found Dr. King and Obama to be very inspirational and helpful in keeping me afloat, personally.


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