Nanowrimo Days 12 & 13

Day 12: I went to a write-in that was only attended by myself. I did a little bit of writing, but I mostly played on Instagram and texted a friend during the hour and a half I waited. I think it was here that I finally finished the mutants! I felt glad about it and then gave up for the day. I did pick it up again during my radio show, but I only typed a few paragraphs because I was busy doing radio things. It was the most words I had written in a long time. I just haven’t felt really excited about writing lately.

Words Written Day 12: 1,303

Total Words Written: 21,338

Day 13: I didn’t have a lot of time dedicated to writing yesterday. I’ve been taking every opportunity to live life outside of writing. I went to have sushi with a friend, then went to a meeting, went home and took a nap. I woke up in the early evening and tried to get in the headspace to do the writing thing. I was done writing about the mutants so I thought there would be no problem. As I started writing, I just didn’t care to do it for much longer. I don’t know if I’m beginning my downward spiral into depression or what. This month has really been a hard challenge for me. I remember saying that 50k isn’t really much of a challenge, but this year is proving to be the exact opposite. I just can’t get in the groove as easily as I used to. I keep comparing my previous achievements to where I am now and I’m unhappy with it. At the same time, I’m happy to be experiencing some of the same troubles that others are going through right now. I’ve always shot through Nano in two weeks, but I’m really taking my time this year and not pushing myself to produce as much. I’m trying to stay on par with everyone else so that I can have my victory around the same time as theirs. It’s nice to not be an overachiever for once.

Words Written Day 13: 701

Total Words Written: 22,039



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