Nanowrimo Day 14 & 15

Day 14: To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember. What was that, Monday? I may have tried to write a little at work, but I was probably unsuccessful. There weren’t any write-ins so I didn’t go out. I don’t remember what happened. According to my stats on the Nanowrimo site, I did a good amount of writing, a session that was more than 700-800 words! I wish I could remember how I felt and what I was writing.

Word Written on Day 14: 1,003

Total Words Written:  23,042

Day 15: Yesterday! I went to a coffee shop when I got off work and messed around on Instagram for a bit before getting down to writing. I wrote a couple paragraphs before I decided that I wanted to go to a write-in on the far northwest side of town. It took me 35 minutes to get there due to rush hour traffic, but I made it. There were five people there and I was happy about it. It was at an IHOP so I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I wrote part of Chapter 8 where Linden and The Janitor had to fight off mechanical spiders from the future! I really enjoyed it. The words just came to me. I got into a groove and the words just flowed out of me! It was the easiest it had been in a week. I was grateful. I started Chapter 9 and got to a good stopping place. The IHOP was cold, so most of us left. A really good day for writing! I made it to 25k, which was the word goal for the day! I was proud of myself for making it this far! I was sure that I was going to feel like giving up, but the spirit is renewed!

Words Written on Day 15: 1,984

Total Words Written: 25,026



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