Nanowrimo Days 18-21

I should have been keeping up with the days. I didn’t remember any of these days. I don’t think I wrote at all on Day 18.

Words Written on Day 18: o (fucks given)
Total Words Written: 28,036

Words Written on Day 19: 2,570
Total Words Written: 30,606

Words Written on Day 20: 2,898
Total Words Written: 33,504

Words Written on Day 21: 3,164
Total Words Written: 36,668

The writing sessions are getting better. I’m feeling more confident about what I’m writing and not hating every word of it. I’m enjoying myself. I had a really successful write-in on Saturday morning and I’m still riding high on that! I have 13,312 words left before I hit 50k. I didn’t think this story would last this long, but here we are at 36k! I’m getting to the end of the story and I’m very excited! This could be the one!



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