Nanowrimo Days 22 & 23

Day 22 didn’t yield too many words; just a little above the daily 1,667. I went to a write-in on the far northwest side of town and wrote for about an hour. I kept playing with Instagram to be really effective.

Words Written on Day 22: 1,851
Total Words Written: 38,539

Day 23: I only got to write at work during a quiet moment, so I didn’t get much done here either. The quiet time lasted 25 minutes and I managed to almost write 1k during that time, which would be my fastest speed ever! It usually takes me an hour to write 1k! Very proud of myself.

I went home to write some more, but decided that a nap would be better. I figured that I would nap for two hours and then get up. I went to bed at 6:00pm and got up at 11:00pm!!! Oops! So I didn’t bother writing any more that day.

Words Written on Day 23: 951
Total Words Written: 39,490

I’m on Day 24 right now and I want to write 5k before 2:00pm. It’s 10:35am right now! Wish me luck!



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