Quit Naming Projects!!!

I really need to quit naming projects because when I do, they tend to die. I have once again abandoned Peternatural. There are three ideas that I always have in my head at all times that I return to at least once a year:

Peternatural – a normal guy, Peter, suddenly gains the ability to see supernatural beings. He ends up living with a demon and a ghost and funny things happen. This is also known as Being Human. (Sigh)

Personal Demons – Matthew accidentally summons a demon in his sleep and awakes to find it is bound to him. The demon complicates his life in different and funny ways.

Venturi Force – This is my Power Rangers spoof where an eccentric Japanese professor assembles his own Power Rangers team to fight evil creations of Dr. Vivian Underwood. Funny things happen.

Each year, I try to do something with these ideas and I get stopped and stumped at the same point every time. I create characters, but I have nothing for them to do. Every time!

So what I’ve done is combine them all into one. Let me tell you that it’s an interesting mix. All of these ideas are supposed to be funny, but what I’ve come up with is not very funny at all. Dark and serious is what I’m good at, so that’s what I’m sticking to, even though I desperately want to branch out and try something new.

I’ve got some ideas down, but it’s been slow going. I’m in no rush, but sorta am. I’m going to let the ideas flow as they come. I haven’t decided if this idea is going to be urban fantasy or fantasy… or maybe both. My goal is to mold this idea into a tiny book series that I can release every couple of months. I’m hoping that I can maintain faith in this project long enough to make something of it.

I need beta readers for “Time and a Half” (Janitorpunk). If you are interested in reading it, please let me know.

Thank you for reading!



2017 Goals

2017 is upon us! I’m super excited for it! I’ve got a plan! I want to publish several books this year! I thought last year was going to be the year, but it wasn’t. I sat down with a coworker/friend and we made a simple book release plan. I would get my first book released sometime in May, release a short story a month or two later before releasing another book and so on. She mentioned that it was best to do this with a series. It makes sense! I only have the horror novellas and Meanwhile in Space… which needs retooling.

So I’ve been trying to find a series I could start on. I’ve had my years old super sentai (Power Rangers) idea come up again. I can never get past the character creation phase before I lose faith in it and move on to something else (which happened again today.) Another idea called “Peternatural” has come up again today. I got to the character creation phase, which is easy because I’m using characters from other failed ideas. I’m just having a hard time finding them something to do. That’s how “Venturi Force” (Super Sentai) suffers. I don’t have any villains for them to fight. With “Peternatural”, I have a vague sense of villainry. I was able to come up with a few ideas of what the characters could be fighting. I’m hung up on what kind of style I want “Peternatural” to be. I’d like it to be funny while dealing with serious action. I write comedy so poorly and shit gets serious and dark quickly. Do I want a serious plot or should it be a Seinfeld kind of format where nothing important happens? I hate Seinfeld. I’d like to write like Regular Show where the simplest things turn into big silly messes that are funny. I can’t seem to pull it off. I will not despair. It’ll be what it’ll be, right?

I’m slowly working on rewriting “Time and a Half” (The janitorpunk book). This is the book I hope to release in May. I just need people to read it and give me feedback. Drop me a comment if you’d be interested in reading it and giving me feedback in a reasonable amount of time!

Back to procrastinating!

Thanks for reading!