2017 Goals

2017 is upon us! I’m super excited for it! I’ve got a plan! I want to publish several books this year! I thought last year was going to be the year, but it wasn’t. I sat down with a coworker/friend and we made a simple book release plan. I would get my first book released sometime in May, release a short story a month or two later before releasing another book and so on. She mentioned that it was best to do this with a series. It makes sense! I only have the horror novellas and Meanwhile in Space… which needs retooling.

So I’ve been trying to find a series I could start on. I’ve had my years old super sentai (Power Rangers) idea come up again. I can never get past the character creation phase before I lose faith in it and move on to something else (which happened again today.) Another idea called “Peternatural” has come up again today. I got to the character creation phase, which is easy because I’m using characters from other failed ideas. I’m just having a hard time finding them something to do. That’s how “Venturi Force” (Super Sentai) suffers. I don’t have any villains for them to fight. With “Peternatural”, I have a vague sense of villainry. I was able to come up with a few ideas of what the characters could be fighting. I’m hung up on what kind of style I want “Peternatural” to be. I’d like it to be funny while dealing with serious action. I write comedy so poorly and shit gets serious and dark quickly. Do I want a serious plot or should it be a Seinfeld kind of format where nothing important happens? I hate Seinfeld. I’d like to write like Regular Show where the simplest things turn into big silly messes that are funny. I can’t seem to pull it off. I will not despair. It’ll be what it’ll be, right?

I’m slowly working on rewriting “Time and a Half” (The janitorpunk book). This is the book I hope to release in May. I just need people to read it and give me feedback. Drop me a comment if you’d be interested in reading it and giving me feedback in a reasonable amount of time!

Back to procrastinating!

Thanks for reading!



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