New Novella!!!

It’s been quiet on the blog front. There’s a reason for that. I’ve been trying to pick an idea to write. I had three ideas and I melded them into one idea! I plotted it at the end of January and I started writing it on February 1st! I finished writing it on the 13th! I’m feeling quite proud of myself! I didn’t want to reveal what I was writing until I was done with it because I have a habit of killing projects after I announce them.

The novella is called “Mystic Guardians of Caerth”. I don’t know how to pronounce Caerth, it just looks pretty! It’s about a group of people with super powers protecting a young man who finds out that he’s a half demon coming into his powers. The Mystics must protect the young man from the Demon King who wants him for his own devices!

I had a lot of fun writing it. I always try to write comedy, but when I plan for it, it always fails. I was able to incorporate some comedy in this. I’m going to post an excerpt in the next post!

Mystic Guardians of Caerth is an attempt to be a book series. I’m already trying to keep the momentum going by attempting to come up with the next book. I hope I haven’t doomed myself!

Thanks for reading!



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