New New Project!

I had such a great time last weekend. A coworker/friend, her roommate, and I went to Bisbee, AZ for a writing retreat! It was great! We rented a really nice two story house in the hills near downtown. We hit the town and spent a lot of money before we actually sat down and started writing, which was 10:00 pm. The weather was so nice. It was ten degrees cooler in Bisbee than it was in Tucson. The city is so beautiful! The people were so nice, and their dogs are adorable. The downside to Bisbee is that it’s not ADA compliant. It’s the “Land of 1,000 Stairs.” The city is on a series of hills and mountains. No one with a physical disability could get around safely and comfortably. You need stairs to get to most of the places there. I wanted to invite a friend who has cerebral palsy and depends on crutches to get around, but I was forewarned about the stairs. She couldn’t go. I felt bad about it.

I thought that I would be working on Book 2 of Mystic Guardians of Caerth, but I was inspired by the name Jonquil to start something new. I’m also under the impression that my writing style is more suited to 6th graders, since that’s the reading level my works rate at. I use simplistic words and sentences. And the stories I write are highly influenced by Power Rangers. I know that some adults still watch Power Rangers, but I fear that the adult audience I’m going for might not be interested in my stories.  I want to write Dresden Files caliber stuff, more grown up, you know? In the end, I’ve decided that my style just comes naturally and I should embrace it. It is what it is. My style may not be for everyone, but hopefully it’ll be enough for someone.

I’m outlining the new new project simply named “Jonquil”. I’m trying to develop the premise of a prince fighting monsters in his spare time. Here’s hoping this one sticks.

Will I finish Book 2 of MGoC? I think I will. I’m not sure. I feel Jonquil might have more sustainable storylines. I have three planned already and am anxious to get to them. I can’t promise anything. We’ll see… (which I hesitate to say because when my father said it, it usually meant “no.”)

Thanks for reading.



Book 2 Underway

So, I started outlining the second book in the Mystic Guardians series. I didn’t want to take a break because I didn’t want to lose faith and momentum in the series. I want to keep this train going! I want to write six books in the series this year and release them maybe next year. (Providing I live that long!) Book 2 is shaping up. I started out with one draft of Part 1 of the story, but I decided to change the villains and start the outline over again. I finished plotting Part 1 and am starting on Part 2. I have an ending for this book, but not a middle. Making things up is fun, right? I just hope it’s not crap!

Thanks for reading!