Flurry of Ideas!

Well, it’s been a month. I finished reading the second Dresden novel. I started the third and then stopped. Then I started reading “Bookburners” created by Max Gladstone. It’s a serial novel that debuted on http://serialbox.com. It’s a subscription based site that releases an episode a week of a novel. I bought the paperback at Barnes & Noble. Each episode is self contained, written like a television show. This is perfect because it’s exactly how I write! I’ve learned a lot by reading it. It has inspired me to begin writing again!

I set aside the Jonquil, Demon Hunter Prince idea for now and worked on my gay pirates idea for a second before I failed again. Then the sentai project came up again. Usually when I attempt to make something out of the Venturi Force sentai project, I fail spectacularly. I know how things start, but I could never get into the story after the team assembles. I have written the assemblage about six times over the years. Well, I finally broke through and wrote a full 10k first episode. I’m pretty proud of it. I took a week off after finishing it and I finally got around to writing a paragraph of plot for the second episode.

I would love to get paid for publishing this series if it survives. I don’t know how to create a platform to make this possible. I need to just learn how to edit my work well enough to skip the beta reading process. Nothing ever gets published because I keep sending my stories to bitches who say that they’ll read it within the time frame I set and then they never do. Or I pay an editor who only reads it, but doesn’t edit anything. I have bad luck with this. I think I’m going to skip the middle man and just do it myself. This is the only barrier that I’ve identified… well, that’s not true. I place many barriers in my way, but skipping the beta readers is my first way around a main one.

Well, I’ve ranted enough. Goodnight!

Thanks for reading!