Nanowrimo 2017 Day 17

Let me tell you about Day 17! It was a rapid success. I went to two write-ins today! The first one was at the quiet place. I didn’t get much done there because I had left my headphones at home. I had to listen to the deafening silence around me. The second one was much more successful because I had stopped off at home to get my headphones. There were a lot of people there. We laughed and listened to music! We did a few sprints. I was just about finished with Episode 4, but didn’t get it done before the write-in ended. So I went home an finished it there! 3 episodes written in three weeks! Episode 2 took five days to write. Episode 3 took seven because of my two day slump. And Episode 4 took five days to write. If I wrote every day for a year, I could have about 52 episodes! That’s exciting to think about! I feel this series will be really successful once I get it to the masses. Could this be the project that finally gets published? I just need someone to read the episodes, edit them, and give me feedback on content and pacing. If this is you, please stand up. Keep in mind that I’m poor and saving up to move to L.A. in a few months, but let’s talk! ALSO, if there are any mediocre to good artists out there that would like to make covers for my series, let’s talk, too!

Words Written Today: 4,342

Total Words Written: 54,439



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