Episode 7 in Production

I finished Episode 6 last week and as of yesterday, Episode 7 is under production! It’s going to be a relationship based episode where Quil and Chrys are going to have to work together to get out of a conference gone bad. I’m 2,491 words in and it’s going swell! There hasn’t been much interaction between the brothers since the beginning of the series. I’m really hoping to explore their relationship in this episode. Since Episode 1, I thought the relationship would be more adversarial, more antagonistic, but as the series has progressed, it’s gotten better. Episode 5 was the first episode where I thought things might be getting better. Chrys has only been in four episodes so far: 1, 2, a sliver of 3, and 5. Episode 7 will get the reader a chance to get a real sneak peek into their relationship.

I keep waffling on how many episodes Season 1 is going to have. At first I thought 6 would be good, but someone convinced me that 13 was standard. Then I decided on 9, but thinking 12 or 13 might be good. I’ve also got to think about how I plan on releasing these episodes to the public. Am I going to sell them individually? How often am I going to do that? I want to do it in a timely manner where people will not forget about me before I release the next book. I have asked some writers who have self published and they all have different solutions about what has worked for them. I’m just going to have to try it out and see.

I’m trying to find someone who will read the first six episodes and give me feedback on them. I’ve got one friend working on Episode 1, but she’s not moving as fast as I’d like. I feel bad pressuring her, so I haven’t said anything. I’m desperate to publish something this year and January is almost gone. I’m running out of time. I’m not going to panic yet. There’s still time, yeah?

Thanks for reading!



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