Episode 7 in Production

I finished Episode 6 last week and as of yesterday, Episode 7 is under production! It’s going to be a relationship based episode where Quil and Chrys are going to have to work together to get out of a conference gone bad. I’m 2,491 words in and it’s going swell! There hasn’t been much interaction between the brothers since the beginning of the series. I’m really hoping to explore their relationship in this episode. Since Episode 1, I thought the relationship would be more adversarial, more antagonistic, but as the series has progressed, it’s gotten better. Episode 5 was the first episode where I thought things might be getting better. Chrys has only been in four episodes so far: 1, 2, a sliver of 3, and 5. Episode 7 will get the reader a chance to get a real sneak peek into their relationship.

I keep waffling on how many episodes Season 1 is going to have. At first I thought 6 would be good, but someone convinced me that 13 was standard. Then I decided on 9, but thinking 12 or 13 might be good. I’ve also got to think about how I plan on releasing these episodes to the public. Am I going to sell them individually? How often am I going to do that? I want to do it in a timely manner where people will not forget about me before I release the next book. I have asked some writers who have self published and they all have different solutions about what has worked for them. I’m just going to have to try it out and see.

I’m trying to find someone who will read the first six episodes and give me feedback on them. I’ve got one friend working on Episode 1, but she’s not moving as fast as I’d like. I feel bad pressuring her, so I haven’t said anything. I’m desperate to publish something this year and January is almost gone. I’m running out of time. I’m not going to panic yet. There’s still time, yeah?

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Episode 6 Down!

I did it! I finished Episode 6 of Heroes of Lunde! It was hard, but I had a lot of opportunities to write this past weekend and yesterday and today. I was lucky to be able to do a lot of writing at work yesterday and today. I was kinda freaking out because I felt that the story was ending too soon. With the exception of Episode 5, each episode has been 18k. This one was beginning to wrap up around 14k. I wracked my brain trying to come up with something that will elongate the story and hoped it wouldn’t be obvious it was filler. Then I remembered what I tell people when they ask how long a story should be. I say that the story will be as long as it needs to be. It will let you know when it’s time to wrap things up. I just had to trust the process. I let go of my word limit and allowed the story to wrap up naturally. It ended up being 16,547 words! Not bad! I’m proud of this episode. I had no idea what it was going to be about. I decided that it was going to be a “traipsing through a dark forest and creepy things happen” story. I didn’t know what the creepy things were, but ultimately decided on monsters from another dimension. It’s quite good if I say so myself, and I will. It’s quite good.

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2018 Begins

So, here we are, 2018! It’s time to have goals and shit, right? Well, today, I committed to writing 100,000 words this year. I joined WriYe today. I know what you’re thinking: for someone who writes a lot, that’s an awfully low number. It’s true. I tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to my goals because… I don’t know why. Maybe I feel better when I accomplish an easily achievable goal. I’m a firm believer in “start small”. If I can manage that small goal, then I’ll bump it up a bit. I’ll probably bump the goal up to 150,000 later. That’s like three Nanos.

I started writing pretty late this year. New Year’s happened, then I started a new job, dating a new guy, and then my birthday festivities took place. I didn’t get serious about writing until about last week. I started writing Episode 6 of Heroes of Lunde and I’m doing well at it. I’m glad to be done with Episode 5. It took me a month to write. Episode 6 so far is taking two weeks. I’m not too worried. I’m 66% through the first season. Three more episodes to write before it’s done. Then I can start on a new series I’ve got kicking around in my head.

I wrote 3,106 words today! I’m happy with that. I’m hoping to finish Part 2 of Episode 6 tomorrow. Episode 6 is sitting pretty at 9,257 words. I hope to get to 12k.

Okay, it’s 1:21 am. I need to get to sleep. I’ll update later!

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The End of Nanowrimo 2017

I’m glad that Nano is over! I can go back to writing at a slow and glacial pace! I laugh out loud, but it’s true. Ever since I hit 50k, my writing has slowed. It’s taken me about a week to get almost halfway done with Episode 5 of Heroes of Lunde. It’s supposed to be a two-parter, but I’m unsure how I can make this happen since I’m horrible at cliffhangers. I’m also still pantsing, so I’m not sure if what I come up with will support a two-parter. I’m going to try.

I’ve been a little stressed because I don’t currently have a job. I’ve been “enjoying” sleeping in until noon or 1:00, but it’s all adding up to my depression about not having a purpose. I’m “supposed” to move to Phoenix in March, but I’m losing the startup money I got because of my extravagant spending. What does this have to do with writing? I’m not using the extra time I have to do any writing, like I wanted to. Having a job helped me prioritize my writing time. Now that I have all the time in the world, I’m not so focused on writing. I take that time to play on Facebook and sleep. I need to learn the discipline of making writing my job. I want to become a successful writer who makes a living off of my writing. How can I do that if I can’t prioritize my time? I need to organize my time! Meowth! That’s right!

I hope to get The Heroes of Lunde published in 2018. I need this to happen! I hope I can identify what’s stopping me and overcome it. I need help and faith.


Nanowrimo 2017 Days 18-20

See, I already stopped updating because I hit my 50k. I was doing so well with keeping this up to date. I didn’t do a lot of writing since I hit 50k.

Day 18:

Words Written Today: 626

Total Word Count: 55,065

Day 19: I went to a write-in at the library and two other people were there! I was pretty happy about this! I got a lot of words done. I was able to write about Chrys’ betrayal of Quil and Jaco.

Words Written Today: 2,375

Total Word Count: 57,440

Day 20: I went to a write-in at IHOP, but not much got done. We simply ate and chatted. Then I went to Black Crown and met a lovely young couple and chatted with them for three hours. No writing got done! 😦

Words Written Today: 425

Total Words Written: 57,865

I see that the validation has started on the site. I’m tempted to validate. I really should. I’m not trying to be an overachiever this year. I think I will!


Nanowrimo 2017 Day 17

Let me tell you about Day 17! It was a rapid success. I went to two write-ins today! The first one was at the quiet place. I didn’t get much done there because I had left my headphones at home. I had to listen to the deafening silence around me. The second one was much more successful because I had stopped off at home to get my headphones. There were a lot of people there. We laughed and listened to music! We did a few sprints. I was just about finished with Episode 4, but didn’t get it done before the write-in ended. So I went home an finished it there! 3 episodes written in three weeks! Episode 2 took five days to write. Episode 3 took seven because of my two day slump. And Episode 4 took five days to write. If I wrote every day for a year, I could have about 52 episodes! That’s exciting to think about! I feel this series will be really successful once I get it to the masses. Could this be the project that finally gets published? I just need someone to read the episodes, edit them, and give me feedback on content and pacing. If this is you, please stand up. Keep in mind that I’m poor and saving up to move to L.A. in a few months, but let’s talk! ALSO, if there are any mediocre to good artists out there that would like to make covers for my series, let’s talk, too!

Words Written Today: 4,342

Total Words Written: 54,439


Nanowrimo 2017 Day 16

Day 16 was the day that I hit 50k! I was in a boba tea place with my crush and I busted out the words needed to hit 50! The power of boba compels you! I still have to finish Episode 4. I’m almost done with it! It’s going to be fabulous!

Total Words Written Goal: 50,000

Words Written Goal: 2,000

Words Written Today: 2,242

Total Words Written: 50,097


Nanowrimo 2017 Day 15

I thought that this was going to be the day I hit 50k! It would have been nice to say that I finished in 15 days… but alas, it was not the day. I went to two write-ins and couldn’t get it done. The first one was way too quiet, and the second one was way too cold. Plus my crush was there so I couldn’t concentrate… that and it was really cold.

Total Word Count Goal: 50,000

Words Written Goal: 6,000

Words Written Today: 4,132

Total Words Written: 47,855


Nanowrimo 2017 Day 14

Day 14 was interesting. I had woken up a little early so that I could get a head start on some words, but then I feel asleep again. I slept for several hours and woke up right before I had to meet a friend at a coffee shop. So I get to the coffee shop and my friend is a no show due to circumstances that were my fault. Fortunately, I brought my laptop with me and I wrote for a few hours.

Then I met with a friend and we had dinner and shopped at Barnes and Noble. Then I went home and tried to write some more. I did a couple word wars, but didn’t get a lot done.

My Heroes are trying to fight these monsters that keep popping up over the kingdom while Andrada, the warrior princess, is trying to have a day off, but it keeps getting interrupted by the monsters. I’m not exactly sure where this is going, but I’m enjoying it. Though, not as much as I enjoyed writing Episode 3! That one is my favorite!

Words Written Goal: 3,000

Total Words Written Goal: 45,000

Words Written Today: 3,320

Total Words Written: 43,723


Nanowrimo 2017 Day 13

Day 13 was pretty good. I don’t remember if I did some writing before I left the house. I think so. I just remember messing around on the internet in bed all afternoon. I might have written some. I got most of my writing done at the write-in at IHOP. I got there early and just wrote to my heart’s content. I started Episode 4, which is about the warrior princess, Andrada, wanting to take a break from fighting monsters and what not. It’s been a challenge because I have a hard time writing about my female characters. I want to make her believable and fun. I have a scene where she goes shopping for clothes and she’s uncomfortable because she’s got a buff body and the clothes she’s trying on are for more slender women. I don’t like that scene, but I’ll edit it in post, as they say.

Words Written Goal: 5,000

Word Total Goal: 40,000

Words Written Today: 4,682

Total Word Count: 40,403